Vegan Ribs Has Never Tasted Better

"This was a fun recipe! The ribs looked like traditional ribs (my meat eating husband walked in the house and thought a friend brought him leftovers lol). The flavour was delicious and the process was pretty easy!"


- Canned chickpeas - Garlic & onion powder - Smoked paprika (optional) - Soy sauce - Vegetable Stock - Vital wheat gluten - All-purpose flour

Grind the ingredients


To make the vegan ribs, we start by placing chickpeas, spices and stock in a food-processor and grind everything finely.

Add in vital wheat gluten


Next we add the vital wheat gluten to the puree and mix until a dough forms.

Slice the dough


Next we slice the dough into 6, 1 cm (1/2'') thick slices of dough.

Form the ribs


To form a rib set we overlap 3 slices and press the edges to seal. We then repeat this process with the remaining slices to form a second set.

Optional: make the fat layer


To make the fat layer on top, place gluten powder and water into a food-processor and blend until a sticky mass is formed. Apply a layer of "fat" on top of each rib set.

Simmer in broth


Next simmer the ribs in broth for 1 hours on low heat.

Make the bones (optional)


For the bones, peel the horseradish and cut into 5 cm long sticks. Cut 4 holes on the side of each ribs set and stick a bone into each hole.

Marinate and cook


Marinate the ribs as you wish, heat oil in a pan and roast the ribs for 4 min on each side. Serve right away.