You Need To Try This Tofu Dessert (So Good)

"This was heavenly. So creamy and rich in flavour, but light at the same time. Came together super quick and set up really well."


– 200 g oreo cookies (7 oz) – 80 g vegan butter (3 oz) – 400 g silken tofu (14 oz) – 1 shot of espresso – 80 g sugar (3 oz) – 200 g dark chocolate melted (7 oz) – ½ tsp salt flakes

Grind the cookies


– For the crust, grind oreos thinly. Pour in the melted butter, mix briefly until combined. Press onto the base of a tin. Set in the fridge.

Make the filling


– For the filling, add tofu, espresso, sugar and salt to a food-processor or blender.

Make the filling


- Blend until you get a creamy and lump-free cream. Taste and if necessary add a pinch of salt.

Pour over crust


- Add the cream onto the crust and spread evenly using a spoon. Allow to rest in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight.

Top the cheesecake


Before serving, top the chocolate cream with the salt flakes and serve right away.

Allow to rest overnight


Let the cheesecake chill overnight in the refrigerator.

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