20 Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas

To warm you up and make you feel good.

Sesame Crusted Mushroom Pie

Pies are very beloved in Italy. This mushroom pie is a real treat. Serve it with some veggies and mashed potatoes and you'll have the perfect meal.

Gnocchi with Tomato Sour-Cream Sauce

These gnocchi are tender on the inside yet are slightly firm when you bite into them. The sauce is a dream come true. 


This lasagna is easy to make, super delicious, and, icing on the cake, it can be prepared ahead of time and then put in the oven when you want to bake it.

Manicotti with Mushroom Ragout

If you want to make a recipe that will make you dream bite after bite, then you have to try this manicotti with mushroom ragout and sour cream bechamel.

Pasta with Mushroom Sauce

Pasta ai Funghi (mushrooms pasta) is one of the most beloved Italian dishes. This version is super rich and delicious.

Chickpea Cutlets

In Italy we love using chickpea flour for many recipes. These cutlets are made with this type of flour, water and spices, and let me tell you that they're absolutely delicious!

Mushroom Pizza

This mushroom pizza with arugula and pesto is a real flavour explosion. Plus, it only requires a handful of ingredients and is ready in 2 hours (rising time included!).

Spinach Pie with Ricotta

This pie is called Torta Pasqualina in Italian, it's a pie made of layers of spinach, ricotta, and beadcrumbs. Serve it with a bowl of salad and you have a delcious dinner!

Lemon Ricotta Ravioli with Brown Butter & fried Sage

These lemon ricotta ravioli make for the perfect dinner. The flavor of the lemon combines perfectly with that of the vegan ricotta. 

Pasta with Lemon Sauce

Are you looking for the perfect recipe for pasta with lemon cream sauce? Then you're in the right place! This sauce is super creamy, made within 15 minutes and little ingredients!

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